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Koch Ag & Energy Solutions

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Before food makes it to your supermarket or natural gas makes it to your hot water heater, we鈥檙e creating and delivering vital ingredients that help our customers make it happen.

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Everybody has a responsibility to step up and make sure they鈥檙e doing the right thing. We challenge ourselves every day to go above and beyond what鈥檚 required.

Kaylin Contag, Environmental Engineer


The energy to grow places.

We make things grow better with plant nutrient and biological technologies. We help power North America with natural gas and we鈥檙e optimizing the methanol supply worldwide. Click on a business below to explore its unique specialty.

As a global leader in plant nutrients, we鈥檙e using science and technology to help our crop and turf customers grow more with less.


Across North America we put natural gas to work for our customers with purchasing, transport, storage and market analysis.


Together with our affiliates, we are one of the world鈥檚 largest producers and distributors of fertilizers. Our continued innovation is helping lead industry efforts to feed the world.


From plywood to carpet to fuels to plastics, methanol is a vital ingredient. We manage the supply to our affiliates and third-party customers.

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New Koch Fertilizer innovation will increase crop yields while reducing environmental impact.
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Continually transforming our performance.

From agriculture to energy see the latest ways we鈥檙e creating value for our customers and doing more with less.